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Zero Waste Management

Water Catchment Recycling & Purification

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Image by Aaron Burden

Our Achievement

Gahn Eden of South Africa and its North American-based administration, Gahn Solutions, LLC continue to progress in its Zero Waste Management initiatives towards intternational sustainability management and social responsibility.


The process of innovation, community job creation, and revenue stems from our commitment towards sustainable practices in holistic agriculture and ethics.


We can achieve a Zero Waste approach to manage our resources, addressing the systemic causes of environmental issues while safeguarding human health, reducing the demand on natural resources, and converting waste into assets.


Our Current Works

We are currently incorporating our Zero Waste Project approach, ethics, and initiatives within our international employee training objectives in social responsibility curriculum that stem from our dedication towards integrating corporate support and comprehension of our mission in sustainability.

Water Catchment-Bio-Industrial Complex P
Water Purification - Zero Waste Manageme
Water Purification - Zero Waste Manageme

Our Present Goals

Our veganic food products and services expand into the North American & South African retail food markets by identifying an integrated, multi-dimensional veganic / agri-based and holistic approach to current and continued Industrial Development projects.


This encompasses the use of Green Building, Zero Waste Bio-Digester Systems that digests the organic materials from our Selepe Village (Se-lep-e) 60,000 acre organic farming pasture and works consecutively with the Zero Waste Water Catchment System, producing Bio-Fertilizer material, Clean Energy Recycling, and Optimal Digestion biologically. Furthermore, it enables Gahn Eden to authentically meet the Food of the Renowned standards for our organic and vegan-based food products and services.

Bio-digester Zero Waste Management.png

The Future

All infrastructural roof foot prints act as a catchment area for rain water. All water generated or used on the facility is recycled for use in irrigation and/or purified for human consumption. Underground tanks and the Bio-Digester will act as reservoirs prior to treatment and purification.


Rain water Harvesting towards Zero Waste Management in Sustainability Management:

• Provides Independent Water Supply

• Ample Water Supply during Drought

• Mitigate Flooding & Reduce Ground Water Demand

• Potable Water as Rain Water, Free of Salinity & Other Salts

• 10 Million Liter Water Reservation

• 2x 150m3 Waste Water Bio-Waste Water Processing


For more information regarding our current and future Zero Waste Management approaches to sustainability in agriculture, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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