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Not looking for Freelancers or a Host of Employees? Ready for a more Consistent, permanent. & QUality Expert Team? 

What are the type of jobs SMEs are likely to outsource?


Ironically, SME’s might, on a whole, be less sophisticated than large multinationals. But within an outsourcing setting, it is the SMEs that generally seek more highly skilled roles for fulfillment.


For example, the large multinationals might seek to outsource 5,000 basic tele-support roles; whereas an SME might need one web designer, one digital marketing manager, and five sales executives. Small businesses by their nature do not yet have the advantage of scale and specialization. Their small size and rapid pivots mean that their limited number of staff need to be agile generalists. This requirement has previously not aligned well with the service offerings of BPOs, which specialize in large-scale highly standardized repetitive tasks.


Using the featured example, it is far more complex for a BPO to manage seven staff covering three roles than it is to provide 5,000 people fulfilling one function. But as the industry matures, the BPOs are becoming more nimble and increasingly able to provide a broader range of more flexible services.


They are realizing that despite seven staff being less impressive than 5,000, the seven staff are more highly skilled (value-add offering)—and there are far more potential SME clients in aggregate than there are multinationals.


Outsourcing is an obvious, but until now overlooked, performance enhancing opportunity for small and nascent companies. Companies in the startup stage can benefit from freeing up resources from tasks that are more standardized in nature and/or highly administrative. This is true as early-stage businesses focus on low-tech but skill-intensive tasks mostly for executive support and process automation. As the business matures, however, the focus shifts towards creating more value through analytics and the application of technologies to achieve business impact and drive down costs.

Perhaps, you are seeking smes for your next project—experts that are a permamnent part of a Highly-skllled and vetted bpo's full-time team (instead of freelancers or 'gig' workers).  

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