Develop your English (30 Minute Session)

Develop your English (30 Minute Session)

How many minutes would you like?

A great opportunity to develop your fluency, pronounciation, and grammar skills in the English language.  Each session is customized to your English level.  Sessions offer one-on-one conversations and practice exercises with encouragment and correction.

  • Let's Help Develop Your English Skills!

    A 30 minute English Practice Session is available from the comfort of your home, school, or any place in the world.  Your native English speaker will have a conversation with you, helping you along the way with the enouragement and correction of verbs, pronouns, and more!  We are happy to answer all questions.  Email us at


    Your satisfaction is very important to us. If we are unable to deliver an English session due to technical difficulties or audio issues, we will provide you with an alternative session time at your convenience.  Cash or credit refunds are unavailable.

  • Lesson Delivery

    Your personalized and private English session is conveniently delivered to you through Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, or Facetime.  We are here to help you develop your English speaking and listening skills through audio or video, as you desire. 

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