Tips for Dealing with International Clients

An Intro to Managing International Client Relations—as a new remote worker

If you are unfamiliar with doing business with clients from foreign countries, there are several elements that could pose considerable challenges for you. Engaging with foreign businesses can open a whole new market with limitless possibilities. That is why it is imperative to understand how to deal with international clients. Below are some tips to help you effectively interact with international clients, that will ensure your success.

Respect their Culture

When interacting with foreign cultures, you must be aware of what they may consider appropriate or inappropriate. What you say or how you say it can play a big part in developing a strong and favorable business relationship. Learn the language that is used, even if it is English, as many countries use different forms of expressions that differ from what you're used to. They may phrase things a certain way and not only may the way you phrase it be offensive, but it may also cause a misunderstanding.For example, in Japan it is offensive to shake hands using your right hand.  Learn what they value, this will allow you to communicate effectively.

Learn Time Zones

Be aware of the different time zones of the businesses you may be dealing with. Calling or communicating at the wrong time can affect deadlines, meetings and conference calls. It would be extremely advantageous for you to set up a world clock on all your devices. 

Banking and Payments 

It would be wise to set up all payment arrangements in advance. Using Paypal and Wire transfers is a good way to make foreign payments. One important element when dealing with international business is learning the exchange rates for different countries' currency, the processing fees and difference between hour countries' currency value and the countries you are doing business with. You also may want to establish a foreign currency balance in your account to avoid conversion fees. 




It also would be wise to gear your marketing to fit the market and culture of the country you're doing business in. Taking the right approach is key to get the response you are looking for. This requires researching the country and region your working in so that you learn the tactics that each country prefers. 


Ultimately, the benefit of learning the intricacies of the countries you are doing business with will greatly aid your success internationally. Do your due diligence in your research and your clients will recognize that you respect, consider and value their culture. These are just some of the things that can make your experience much more successful. There are many more, and implementing them into your everyday business practices will be beneficial. 

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