5 Leading reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Examining the Short- and Long-Term Benefits You'll Gain from Procuring a VA

Over the last few years, the virtual assistant industry has noticeably continued to grow—most notably during the pandemic and economic downturns from the turn of this decade.


Many companies have become extremely aware of the perks of having this service at their disposal—and it's more than just cost-savings.

As a entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner, or project manager, you (too) have become quite curious, asking yourself:


"Why does my business need a virtual assistant?"


"Can they help my particular business improve and grow?"


We will illustrate just how essential a virtual assistant is to the aspirations of a growing business. We’ll outline reasons to hire one, how to manage them effectively, and the best ways to choose them. 



Virtual Assistants

So let’s briefly explain the functions and purpose of a virtual assistant. They are essentially individuals or companies/self-employed, who provide specialized services to businesses or entrepreneurs. They work offsite and handle a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to the following:


  • Customer support

  • Administrative tasks

  • Social media marketing

  • Data entry and management

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Human Resources







The Five Most Important Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant


Reducing overhead costs and operating expenses plays a major factor in hiring virtual assistants. It saves money and helps the efficiency of the core functions by:


A. Lowering Salaries And Operating Costs


The expenses associated with hiring employees to perform small projects can add up quickly. Why pay someone a salary or even hourly wage full or part-time plus benefits to do small jobs or even jobs out of the company scope?


Save money by hiring a virtual assistant. Usually, they charge an hourly wage or fee per project and you don’t have to pay benefits, including the in-office space that would be needed, lunch breaks, or resources for time management, paperwork, or any related overhead expenses. 



B. Eliminate Training Costs

Just a quick thought—and fact. You don’t have to heavily train virtual assistants, nor immerse them into your company culture. You can personally select the individual or company that best suits your needs. They are already experts in their fields, so that eliminates the time, energy, and resources that you would have to use to train in-house employees. Money, time, and effort not only saved, but freed up to be used in other areas! This enables quicker turnaround times on important projects because high-quality, fast-learning virtual assistants can start immediately!


#2—Outsourcing Non-Core Tasks Increases Efficiency


Hiring virtual assistants allows companies to strengthen in-house functions by focusing on core activities. By outsourcing non-core functions, your business can allot its time and resources on the building blocks of the company. Far to many businesses take on unmanageable works load with non-core activities, such as:


  • Sending emails and newsletters

  • Handling customer queries

  • Internet research

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Data entry

By no means are these tasks deemed as unnecessary; they are just tasks that slow down the production and efficiency of the in-house team. Outsourcing these tasks can enormously ease the burden of your in-house team, and allow them to channel their energy into the company's primary functions. 



#3—Quickly Scale Your Business Operations


Businesses that excel above their competitors are able to provide the best combination of quality and service. This is also a major benefit of virtual assistants. They allow you to quickly hire talent per assignment, allowing you to handle projects as the business grows. You won't have to dash to find recruits, train new hires, or add to the workload of one of your core team members. If and when business slows down, you can then hire full-time employees at your own pace. 




#4—24/7 Customer Service


Imagine this: expanding your business and your brand by operating around the clock. With virtual assistants, not only can you service clients 24/7, but internationally as well. Virtual assistants work from remote locations throughout the world—or locally, if you prefer. They are capable of servicing customers in all time zones and the great thing about it is that the service rate is generally agreed upon upfront.


There are no hidden fees or add-on costs that will catch you off guard. 

An additional benefit is that (once again) the services are scalable; if at any time you feel the services are not needed, you can discontinue the service. 



#5—Strategic Thinking


With the extra time to focus on the company’s core functions, more time can be put to strengthening and growing the business. If you're a small business owner, this can also mean a lot to your family and personal space.


The efficiency created by outsourcing non-core activities leaves more time for long-term planning for the growth of the business.

  • Business goals and revenue projections can be set;

  • Marketing and advertising plans can be made;

  • More time can be spent on company (or product/service) development.


All while still being able to provide quality products and services to your non-core business customers.


The many benefits (and need) of hiring a virtual assistant individual or company are evident in today’s ever-changing economy. 


Many companies stand out because of the diverse services they can provide to their customers. Most of them use virtual assistants to not only provide these services efficiently but also to get an advantage on their competitors—and it’s high time for you to join the party. 

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