How Successful BPOs Create the Best Job Posts for You

For a more affordable, targeted approach to securing high-quality remote talent for your projects, a BPO may procure vetted contractors/employees to meet your needs more effectively.  Here's a D.I.Y that you can follow to help find qualified, serious candidates—quickly!

We create an effective job post that attracts attention to the many freelancer job platforms we are already registered on. Here’s how:


Business Details


Initially, you should write a description of your company before writing your job post. You will then post the description on multiple freelancer hiring platforms. Prospective freelancers depend heavily on the information given by the companies on these platforms to sort out which project and company are best for them. Let your company description distinguish your business from your competitors.

Describe your company functions, it’s products and services as well as your customer base.  


The Job Description

The primary purpose of the Job description is to filter out the people you do not want. There are sites where the people you are looking for will want to find you, like Upwork.


So, let’s start with some key points about Job Descriptions:


  • When outsourcing talent, highly detailed and long descriptions don’t work well—especially in certain countries. If they feel there is one requirement that they are not able to meet, they won’t apply. (e.g., 4 years of ruby development when a perfectly qualified candidate only has 3).

  • Don’t be unclear or indefinite—things like “passionate about success,” “able to work well with others.” Straight to the point and keep it short. You only need about 3 points. You can filter them out later and concise—3 points are perfect to get people in and you can filter them later.

  • Incomplete contact information and payment scale-many companies purposely leave out payment scales in hopes to persuade prospective prospects during the interview. However, in the end, this just frustrates everyone and wastes time. Be upfront with salary details.  

  • There is a code word trick that helps separate potential candidates and quickly points out the ones who are paying attention. Have them reply to your email with a code word in the subject line. Usually, this is placed in the middle of the job description, and when they reply you can have your email only filter out replies with that code word in the subject line. Somewhere in the middle of the job description, tell them to reply with an email that has your code word in the subject line. This way you can go into your email client and set up a filter to only look at new emails containing your keyword in the subject line.



These are the tips that are followed by our experts, when needed. They are basic, but they create job specs that are concise, direct, and provide a wide range of applicants. 



The main goal is to have a wide range of applicants to respond to your postings. You want serious applicants, who understand what you are looking for and that sincerely believe they are a good fit for the position. This will allow you to have a solid amount of qualified candidates from which you can hire the best fit for your company.

You can do this—on your own!

However, if you'd like some support, We're Here for you! 

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