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Community Projects

The Gahn Mission

Sustainability Focus: Back to Eden

Rebuilding and leveraging sustainable developments in the land of Africa. one village at a time. Learn More>


Through partnership, SOWI and GAHn tackles obstacles spawned by the lra—to support, educate, and reunite orphans, woman, and youth for a brighter future. Learn More>

Egyptian Green Urban Development

Targeted Green-Building initiatives and partnerships in NorthEast Africa and the Middle East,  involving multiple architecture, art, advocacy, urban development, and interdisciplinary strategies, addressing issues related Sustainability. Learn More

The Repatriation

Strengthening the bridge that connects the diaspora back within the borders. Learn More


"Plant of the Renowned" progressive efforts towards green building and zero waste management initiatives. Learn More>

Small Business & Supplier Sustainability

By working closely with Local suppliers, International consumer companies lessen their environmental and social impact, Enabling Small Businesses to position themselves for strong growth. Learn More

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